Commercial units in New Capital, Egypt
Where everything is at your fingertips, Entrada commercial strip fuses practicality and convenience. Catering to everyday necessities, featuring an array of facilities with spacious parking spaces and drop off areas, our visitors can quickly access supermarkets, grocers, a pharmacy, bakery, a bank and a laundry services and much more.

An Ideal Location

Entrada’s Urban Commercial strip is molded alongside the idyllic strategic location of the New Administrative Capital, only a 20 minute drive from New Cairo with multiple access points through Road 90, Suez and Sokhna roads.

Conveniently situated at the heart of the New Capital’s groundbreaking landmarks, facing the International Expo city, it is a five minute drive along the axes of The Grand Mosque, Grand Cathedral, Al Masah hotel and The Presidential Palace.

Building the concept

As a next-generation central point of the New Administrative Capital, we present a vibrant and pulsing boulevard with a comprehensive bundle of services and facilities within modern designs and lush landscapes - bridging gaps connecting New Cairo to the New Capital, a doorway to an unprecedented entertainment, shopping and commercial destination. Relax and revel with an abundance of relaxing choices, feast your eyes within this secluded oasis of green. Inspired by a Spanish architectural design, the 29,000 square meters of built up area in this mixed-use commercial complex, stretching across four plazas, keeping space and functionality in mind, offers a fantastic range of commercial spaces with a mix of state-of-the-art facilities, leisure and entertainment destinations needed for your emergent businesses, in line with international standards of design.

A walkable 30 meter wide boulevard winds throughout greenery that are well segregated for absolute comfort and peace of mind within its own relaxation zone. Take a break from the hectic pace of life, and indulge in the relaxing ambiance to filter from your daily stress and to enhance your well-being. Entrada, New Capital invites you to celebrate and boast exclusivity and stylishness all year round.

Our carefully designed piazzas cater to you with an enticing interplay of light and shade within its shaded patios and glistening water embracing landscaped walkways - a true creation of a spectacular landscape to suit your pursuits of relaxation and indulgence.

Details are everything, with a thematically designed ground-floor, offering restaurants spaces with lavish outdoor spaces, enabling us to satisfy with every breath of fresh air within our lavish landscapes. Stroll along the promenade and you’ll find a vast array of selection between cafes and restaurants – the options are endless. A world of leisure and convenience awaits. From the world of fashion to the joys of the great outdoors. Simply stroll down the boulevard for the best of boutiques featuring upscale brands. Complimented by lush landscapes, indulge in a stroll or simply relax under the shades of a sidewalk umbrella – reveal that the world of fashion is at your feet.