Where all Roads Lead

Designed to be a singular landmark in the heart of the new Administrative Capital, the Citadel is the ultimate destination for future families and aspiring businessmen. With its unique mixture of business and leisure services catering to different needs it introduces a new lifestyle that combines work and pleasure together under one roof.

Characterized by its central location in R2 district, in the heart of the New Capital, overlooking the Presidential Palace, the Citadel offers easy accessibility from several points, including the regional ring road, connecting you to Suez road, Sokhna road, and Ismailia road, in addition to direct access to New Cairo through North Teseen street.

Where old world charm meets modern elegance...

Visitors of Citadel will be able to experience some of the history and charm of the art deco architecture that captivated the world. A revolutionary concept, envisioned by award winning architect Raef Fahmy, Citadel embodies both old-world romance and modern sophistication inspired by the elegant, early 20th century art deco architecture that dominated Europe’s cities mixed with modern expressions. Nothing articulates this concept more than the Plaza.

Centrally placed between the twin buildings the Plaza is a double height open space covered with a huge patina copper-like sky light that emanates a warm ambience creating a stunningly beautiful and welcoming open space for people to relax.

Where Real Green Dominates Concrete

In a city dominated by air-conditioned complexes, Citadel is designed to represent a new breed of open-air mall with the purpose of creating community areas and open green spaces featuring tree-ringed courtyards and green areas, that try to work creatively around Cairo’s climate to give visitors some breathing space amid the concrete.

Where people come to live

Today, successful commercial centers need to be more than shopping. An increasing number of customers combine shopping with restaurant visits, gym training and other activities. Therefore, Citadel was developed as an urban meeting place that, in addition to shopping, also offers services, culture and the opportunity to dine in a pleasant environment.

Convenience-led and more than shopping

Think of Citadel as an urban convenience center that focuses on daily necessities, services and a generous food and beverage offering. Situated on the ground and first floors, a diverse set of restaurants and cafes present local and international cuisines and delicacies offering Citadel’s visitors the pleasure of a delicious meal or drink during a shopping spree.

The number one meeting place

The Citadel offers its visitors a unique shopping experience through its wide array of deluxe retail stores that bring luxurious brands from all over the world right to their customers’ hands. The large area dedicated to offices and several amenities and services adds to the attractiveness of the Citadel and ensures a high footfall.

Design at the heart of the experience

At Sorouh, we believe that great design inspires people to spend longer time in shopping centers. In Citadel, the design and architecture are placed at the heart of the experience, creating a feeling of a ‘city within the city’ within a first-class setting. The center is designed as a long-term asset of sustainable value, with enduring appeal and strong resilience.

Thriving place with excellent potential

The Citadel is located at the heart of the New Administrative Capital, which is set to house over 5 million people. Citadel is well optimized to suit its catchment area and its role as a city district shopping center. Developed as a natural part of the New Administrative Capital’s city center, Citadel will serve as the number one meeting place for people working and living in the neighborhood.

Where People Live to Work

Look out of the window of your workplace. Is the view pleasing? Can you see trees and grassy areas, or is it all a never-ending monotone vista of grey shades of concrete? Do you enjoy leaving the building at lunchtime or would you rather stay chained to your desk?

Indoor work environments in particular factors like light, noise and temperature have an impact on employee productivity. At Sorouh we understand this, our architectural masterplan is based on the idea that attractive offices, with common areas and leisure activities, will appeal to small businesses and professional businessmen. If a positive office interior helps, it makes sense that a nice outdoor environment should boost morale too.

Stretched over 7 floors, the Citadel’s administrative section offers ambitious businessmen quiet, spacious areas to carry out their work. Smart offices, elegant meeting rooms, and sophisticated business lounges, where you can conduct your day to day business, are incorporated to meet your needs.

An Exclusive business club at your service

The Citadel houses an exclusive business club, where you can work and complete your business deals over a mouth-watering meal in our fancy roof-top restaurants and cafes and enjoy the open air and marvelous overview of the New Capital skyline.